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China - Latest News
Blast Hit Internet Cafe in KailiBlast hits China internet cafe
Six people are killed in explosion which officials said appeared to be caused by stored inflammable materials

China 121 story Skyscraper in ShanghaiChina usurps US in skyscrapers
The 121-story Shanghai Tower is more than China's next record-setting building - it is an economic lifeline for the elite club of ...
Guangzhou - Events Calendar
Dim-Sum Sweet Potato Cake RMB 6.8
Purple sweet potato, which contains trace elements and be nutritional, this plant is very good for...

Mushroom & Salmon Food Festival
A seasonal promotion of salmon & Mushroom is coming soon. The salmon and mushroom will feature the wonderful.
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Epistar & Delta Electronic in Southern China
China CPI rose 4.9 % in January 2011

Chemical blast kills 7 at Internet cafe

Analysts fined for manipulating share prices in Shenzhen ...
Guangzhou - Wuhan High Speed Railway ...
China's High Speed Train (CRH) in Guangzhou
China's high-speed train was put into service on the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed has a maximum speed of 380 km/h...
Guangzhou - Latest News
Guangzhou high speed railway

Guangzhou High Speed Railway
News Story
Nearly 20 percent of Chinese train travelers have turned to high-speed lines during the Spring Festival peak travel period. The holiday period, known as the chunyun period, sees massive...


New record in China's football league history
News Story
Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club, has set a new record with a transfer fee of 3,200,000 euros, a new record in China's football league history...

Japan NYK

Japanese shipping company invest in Guangzhou
News Story
Japan NYK and three Chinese shareholder companies have agreed to a deal that would give NYK a 12.5% stake in Guangzhou Nansha Automovile Port...

Car Sales in China

Passenger vehicle sales continue to rise in China
News Story
The increase came despite central government putting an end to tax incentives for buyers of small cars and subsidies for trade-ins, and launching a quota policy in Beijing to curb car purchases.

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Park n' Shop
Park n' Shop is China's answer to the American chains of superstores like Walmart and Target... Here, you can find all kinds of everyday household goods, personal grooming products, electronic goods, toys, grocery store... And Prices are quite reasonable. There are 3 Stores in Guangzhou: Tian He Bei Lu, Grandview Mall and Gongyuanqian Metro station...

Guangzhou - Apartments for Rent

Pearl River Front
Riverview serviced apartment for rent in Guangzhou. Serviced apartment are located in Haizu District. It takes 15 minutes to pazhou exhibition center and 25 minutes by metro.There re more than 30 foreighers living as due to the convenience and good enviroment . There are also shuttle buses to the airport , HK , Macao. Swimming pools, gyms and foreign restaurants...

Guangzhou - Canton Fair
Canton Fair
The Canton Fair is a trade fair held in the spring and autumn seasons each year since the spring of 1957 in Guangzhou. The Fair is co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of China and Guangdong Province, and organized by China Foreign Trade Center. The Fair is the largest trade fair in China . Among China's largest trade fairs, it has the largest assortment of products...
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